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KUNMING NANXIANG TEA CO., LTD own about 218.1 ha of tea gardens in Cangyuan, Lincang, which is the most suitable area for tea growing in Yunnan. 

All the tea gardens locate at the mountain area with elevation range from 1700 to 2300 meters and are far away from any town or city. The subtropical highland climate brings Cangyuan not only gentle temperature but also distinctive wet and dry seasons. Combined with the fertile soil, this extraordinary geographical condition gives the superior quality of tea. The tea has 5%-7% higher of polyphenol, 30%-60% higher of catechin and 3%-5% higher of water-soluble substances. It is the ideal raw material for Black tea and Pu-erh tea, featured by intense taste and repeatedly brewed.

Farmers plant in a sustainable natural way with the guide of tea gardens’ management team. Grass and pests are controlled mainly in the physical way, including traps and hand-removing. Organic fertilizer is used. All the leaves are hand-picked. With self-owned tea gardens, we are able to choose only satisfied leaves and the quality of our products is guaranteed at the very beginning.