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The organic tea gardens are managed under IFOAM guides and certificated by CERES. Grass and pests are controlled mainly in the physical way, including traps, hand-removing and so on. Organic fertilizer is used. The origial ecosystem is conserved with nearly none humban interruption to the ecological environment during the farming practice. Meanwhile, the biodiversity is obversiouly improved and helps the pests controled in a more biological way.

We also build the relationship of cooperation with farmers. The technology of faming plantation, pest and disease control are regually trained as will as guided on site.The organic fertilizer are provided by company and the famer do not need to pay for it. The leaves picked are purchased at the market price. As a multi-benefit practice, the living condition of the farmers is higly improved while the land and surrounding ecosystems are preserved with environmentally sustainable practice. All these efforts have been recognized by Fair Trade Certified and organic certified and will never be stopped.